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I'm Josef Wasinski - An Experience Architect, I began in physical product design, which led me into exploring & crafting meaningful experiences.

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The Power Of Personas To Explore Experiences

Picture in your head a mechanical engineer, so in your head you have a preconceived vision, a few stereotypical ideas of his values, appearance and general character. Imagine that you are selling a new calculator, and you need to decide on how to brand it. Really think how useful marketing to a stereotype is? Personas… [read more]

Examining Interaction Points With Experience Architecture

A man opens a door from the dark morning air of New York; he steps into a warm, well lit room. It feels welcoming, wooden tables and leather chairs, a glass counter. He is clearly tired; he has brown tousled hair and wearing a white polo shirt with blue jeans. His eyes are glazed over,… [read more]

The Minimum Effective Dose for User Onboarding

You’re running a startup or a business, rushed for time, you want to optimise your user onboarding process quickly, without hassle, and without detailed split testing. You need the basics to give you decent results, until someone can dig down into the details and create something really effective. Below is the minimum effective dose for… [read more]


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